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Bad*ss Sheriff Just Made Brutal Threat To Any Liberal Who Takes Down A Confederate Statue

he Charlottesville attacks have sparked confusion across the country, and protests have been recorded all over.

Some of them were against nationalism and supremacy, other to support it, and third against all of that.

Apparently, acts of vandalism will not be endured and criminal charges will be pulled!

Mayors of a lot of towns tried to protect their people by removing Confederate monuments dating back to the Civil War. A lot of them had special meaning, but leftist couldn’t wait for them to be taken down and even ruined one themselves.  This is why US Herald reported that vandalism as a political protest will be charged as criminal behavior.

One of the smartest men to speak out on this topic was Sheriff Mike Andrews. His office will reportedly press charges against protestors who committed felonies against public safety:

“Collectively, we decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority. As the Sheriff, I am not blind to the offensive conduct of some demonstrators nor will I ignore their criminal conduct. With the help of video captured at the scene, my investigators are working to identify those responsible for the removal and vandalism of the statue.”

A lot of people misunderstood the message he tried to send. The young people also don’t understand why it is important to know America history – so we don’t let the same mistakes from the past ruin our future! America was torn apart because of different opinions, we can’t allow it again.

One of the organizers of the protest which tried to take down a monument, Takiyah Thompson, said “[she] climbed the ladder and put a nylon rope around the statue with the sole purpose of toppling it, adding [I] feel like it’s important to tear down these vestiges of white supremacy.”

Is it right to talk about this? Isn’t it a bit delusional, doing these felonies to act against others? Brave men died for our freedom, we’re now losing it by our own.

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