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This Retail Company Blames Trump For Loss Of Customers

If you thought that retail business could not get even more ridiculous then you have not heard what this company is blaming President Donald Trump for this time.  Target who in the past few months have seen their sales and stocks plummet to new lows after they decided to change their bathroom and dressing rooms into a gender neutral nightmare.  Now they are blaming Trump for the huge drop in sales from the Hispanic shoppers.

At the Fortune Brainstorm Tech event held in Aspen, Colorado, Target Corp Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell claimed that the Hispanic shoppers have stopped leaving their homes to shop for fear of being deported.  According to MSN Money Cornell claims “The Hispanic customer in the U.S. is shopping much less.  They are staying home.  They are going out less often.”

What Cornell fails to mention is that Hispanics are well known for their entrepreneurial skills and according to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce there are more than four million Hispanic owned businesses and that the Hispanics opens a new business 15 times higher than the national average.  In 2016 loan applications grew by 68.7 percent for Hispanic business.  So with that much growth in the Hispanic sector there is now wonder why Targets sales dropped when the Hispanic population is patronizing more local and family owned business.  This something that we all must do is to support local family owned businesses.

So that the truth is known Target has no one to blame but themselves for the drop in sales whether it is from their embracing of the left leaning liberal agenda of the bathroom policies, to their publicized decision of halting Bible sales.

As the old saying goes Target has made their bed, let them lie in it now.



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