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Millions of men and women have died for our country, defending our freedom of speech and the right to vote—and what do liberals do in return? They incite hatred, insult our veterans, and stomp on the American flag.

The American flag stands for all of the things we hold dear. It stands for liberty. It stands for justice. It stands for democracy. Yet, these entitled liberals think that it’s okay to stomp on the very same flag that gives them the right to do so.

Burning flags nowadays has become particularly common, especially in black lives matter circles. What a great way to honor all of the African American men and women who’ve died in our military, right? By stomping on the American flag, and then claiming that black lives matter. Disgusting.

One video that’s been sweeping the internet was captured in Baltimore, where a grotesque black woman can be seen stomping on an American flag, with a gleeful smirk on her face. What’s worse, however, is how the soldiers behind her react.

After she arrogantly stomps on the flag and makes a black power hand gesture, the soldiers become so visibly upset, that they turn around. They actually can’t even stand to see this disgusting and vile thug stomping on the American flag—and guess what she does when she sees this?

I’ll Write It reports:

This actually doesn’t take much guts at all. This occurred in Baltimore, the same city where the Mayor told the police to step down and give people the space to loot and destroy. There is no doubt that these soldiers were told to stand down, and could do absolutely nothing about it.

A unidentified man in the crowd notices this and tells Erica to turn around.  Erica turns around and then laughs, because to Erica, disrespecting the US Military is obviously funny.   Another unidentified man can then be heard saying “You got them”.

A picture says a 1000 words, what does that still photo of her smiling at the end of that video say to you? I have also caught the same exact thing happening at Wright State University, #Ericsheppardchallenge protestors say they don’t intend disrespect to the  US Military when the news is interviewing them on television, but as you can see in the video below, when the TV cameras are off it’s an entirely different story:

Erica Walker, the woman pictured in the above video, has been caught doing this #EricSherppardChallenge three separate times. In other words, she’s filmed herself stomping on and desecrating the American flag, three times, and shared it on YouTube for all of her vile thug friends to see.

Apparently these idiots think that stepping on the American flag will protest racism, but it’s doing nothing of the sort. The American flag is symbolic for all of the blood, sweat, and tears that our great founders shed establishing this great country—it’s far more than “just a flag,” Obama.

These are the type of scum that dwell in our inner cities, now. This is the product of the past 8 years of race-baiting by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and of course, Barrack Hussein Obama. Black Lives Matter is not a peaceful group, they are a hate group. This woman obviously hates the troops, based off of the way she gleefully smirks when she sees them turn around in pain. And while stepping on the American flag may not be illegal, it certainly isn’t respectful.

What would you have done if you saw this thug disgracing the American flag? Please give this article a share and let us know your thoughts!

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